TourAttentLogoThe training programme of “Tourist Attendant” is the first cross section training applied in Cyprus for tourism. It targets the attention and quality of service in combination with local knowledge for the end user – customer – tourist and is addressed to a wide range of businesses. After successful completion of the training attendees will be able to carry a pin identifying them as tourist attendants, they will also receive a certificate of attendance signed by the Federation of Employers.

Cyprus is the first European country to develop such a programme –one that is 100% supported and developed by the private sector.

The seminar is addressed right across the tourist industry also taking in the wider industry market sectors, and those having direct contact with visitors. Tourists on a conventional perspective or visitors on a wider perspective, package holiday clients or free independent travellers and locally based travellers.
The programme focuses on the following issues:

  • Customer service
  • Understanding quality customer service and service culture
  • Key skills for quality customer service in travel and the intangible tangibles: attitude, attentiveness, knowledge, helpfulness and sensitivity
  • Addressing customer needs according to Travellers Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
  • Experiential Economy
  • Explain what a social and experiential customer is.
  • From the commodity economy to the experiential economy – the evolution.
  • The role of the front line employee during customer experience
  • What is the impact of this role on the reputation of the company and on its sales process?
  • The experience profit circle (examples from travel industry will be illustrated)?

Experiential Souvenir

  • What is an experiential souvenir?
  • How to create experiential souvenirs in-house with the minimum possible costs.
  • How the experiential souvenir affects travel reputation.
  • Practical examples and exercises in class.
  • Reputation and Goodwill Value
  • Reinforcing goodwill and company reputation through customer care.
  • Who creates reputation?
  • Who maintains reputation?
  • Transforming of reputation into goodwill value from our working position
  • Tourist consciousness in relation to reputation and goodwill

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