staypalIn the words of Steve Jobs we are now living in the post-pc era. The iPhone has re-invented the smartphone in ways that were part of science fiction before its existence. It is highly portable and provides instant access to news, social media and a wide spectrum of information. On the iPhone any information is just a tap away, anywhere, anytime. The iPad, the fastest selling electronic device in history, enhances interactivity and provides a unique user experience which revolutionises the way users learn, read books, get informed, interact with each other and play games. 

The iPhone and iPad give a new opportunity for brands to reach their existing or potential customers in pioneering ways. Customers can be available to interact and engage with a brand 24/7. This new potential, used properly, can develop unprecedented brand loyalty. iPhone / iPad apps capitalise on the accessibility of the iTunes App Store and the ever-growing number of iPhone / iPad users. This can definitely give any brand the market edge it needs in this economic situation.

Currently iPhone and iPad users account for 60% of all active smartphone / tablet owners (60% worldwide, 74% Europe, 65% USA and 60% Cyprus) and we strongly believe that it is imperative for your business to have its own iPhone / iPad app.

For the above reasons Avantless has teamed up with Cocoon Creations to provide a full package of services which includes an iPhone app, brand pages on social media and your own booking system at an amazing price! 

STAYpal Features 


iPhone / iPad App with STAYpal Platform

Hotel Presentation Yes Yes
Special Offers Listing Yes Yes
Booking Engine (powered by Sybelio) Yes Yes
Push Notifications Yes Yes
Monthly Download & Usage Statistics Yes Yes
Interactive Hotel Map No Yes
Custom User Interface Design No Yes
Ability to connect to Loyalty Management Scheme No Yes
Custom Additional Functionality No Yes
Custom Usage Statistics No Yes


Basic Facebook Page Design Yes Yes
Booking Engine on Facebook Page & Website (powered by Sybelio) Yes Yes
Training on Managing Sybelio and Push Notifications*1 Yes Yes
Custom Social Media Pages Design (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) No Yes
Social Media Campaign Training*1 No Yes

*1 - Training can be subsidised by HRDA.

To learn more about STAYpal packages and pricing send us an email or give us a call.

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