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blog-image-robot-drummerAn objective platform for public debate, reminding us of both the vulnerability and strength of our Islands attraction to foreign visitors. By forging a debate on subjects critical to our business, this allows much needed changes and key decision making processes to take place.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year, many of you will receive gifts which will both delight and bring pleasure, at the same time these gifts remind you that friends and family through their generosity really care for you. Last year Avantless only gave one gift, not because we are mean spirited but, as we have been blessed with a great deal more than most people, the wish is to ensure that others less fortunate are able to benefit from this season of giving and receiving. Christmas 2011 Avantless via KIVA, an international non…
Tuesday, 28 August 2012 08:09

Pafos goes App

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An Innovative First for Cyprus, created by Cypriots for World Travellers. Imagine you are a visitor to a new town, city, country, you want to see and experience as much as possible, be able to learn about the history of the place, where to eat, how to get there, at the same time have fun winning prizes. Now you can, no more need for guide books or maps, all this information and more will come to you via your iPhone/iPad. The launch of the first application centres around Pafos where 14 sites have been listed, these include museums, archaeological, creativeworkshops,…
Sunday, 20 May 2012 16:17

A bad website is worse than none.

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Clients wishing to create a website to promote their business/services have to be made aware that the web is no longer just about brand image. The web is about customer experience, and if the experience isn't good, users will go instantly to a different site. Its all about usability because e-commerce has dramatically changed the way it works. Users will mentally strip out animated graphics, so they will ignore things even if they could in fact be quite good. They will also skip the slogans, the branding messages and advertisements, resulting in the amount that goes into the users experience…
Wednesday, 29 February 2012 07:10

Avantless.....more - February 2012

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I read a quote years ago that said. ’If people delivered in marriage what they sold when they were engaged, the divorce rate would be much lower’. Delivering in business is very similar, many companies will meet a prospective client and the world is instantly rosy with the hope the relationship will continue to blossom. Sadly, there are break ups and people have to then go out and start looking again for that perfect partner.    Avantless understands this need for people to feel connected, not just at the beginning of the relationship, but to be considered, and looked after throughout…
Tuesday, 24 January 2012 15:04

Ryan Air, a Mixed Blessing?

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The recent agreement between Hermes airports and Ryan Air for the opening of their 50th operational base in Europe has to be looked at as both a blessing and a curse. We can count the blessings as follows.- 1. Ryan air will be committed to invest a substantial amount of money in order for the operational base to become viable.2. Ryan Air will set tourist targets and when met this means a significant increase in tourist traffic to Cyprus. One can look at the success of Ryan Airs partnership with Spanish airports such as Girona and Reus.3. Ryan Air is…
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