This is an on line booking engine for hotels and other types of accommodation facilities.

Sybelio is a group of services, programmes, and utilities, dedicated to the needs of independent hoteliers, hotel chains, tour companies and travel agencies. The avowed aim of Sybelio is to assist companies with online sales and offer effective strategies.
Their most visible component is a multi lingual booking engine which handles accommodation, transfers and other key travel services used by travellers when in or out of a hotel.

Sybelio is constantly developing and its latest versions include innovations such as social media integration (face book online booking engine), The Sybelio web will convert the booking system into a multi lingual hotel website builder with a very strong search engine optimisation tool.

Avantless is a key partner of Sybelio and is the owner of a Sybelio license.
Since the creation of this system team members of Avantless have become strategic consultants of this Spanish based company. With its presence in more than 10 countries and with customers who range between small independent hotels, local hotel chains, local incoming agents and professional associations, Sybelio is currently the best online booking system a travel company can use.

Sybelio is perfect for independent hotels, small hotel chains, and incoming agents and is the ideal tool for associations and other multi member organisations regardless of their size.


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