tma logoTravel Media Applications (TMA) is a leading international media company for the travel industry, as a Technology Company it offers assistance to travel companies on how to make full use of the Internet and its related technologies. Avantless is the official representative of the company in Cyprus. 

TMA are the publishers of , leading professional news portals in English and Greek.

It’s true when they say ‘Content is King’ and the role of Avantless is to also create and provide top flight copy for and on behalf of TMA within the parameters of the Cypriot travel trade market.

Avantless adheres to the firm philosophy laid down by TMA which sets the customer as being the most important element in everything they do, and with everything they deliver to their clients.

Those in the travel trade have to cope with the constant technological changes taking place making it vitally important to be partnered with a company whose sole motivation is to assist, improve and promote your business, in a manner which allows each customers unique character and offer package to shine through.

Experience is vital in this business and we put this experience to good use when dealing directly with our customers, be it in the creation of a website where the integrated planning, development, promotion and search engine marketing of the site is paramount to ones overall success.

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